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Lincoln Land Chapter Community Outreach Grant (COG)

Lincoln Land Chapter of MOAA has recently received a grant of $1,000 from the 2024 MOAA Foundation Community Outreach Grant Criteria Through the Community Outreach grant program,


The MOAA Foundation offers grants to MOAA councils and chapters providing services to local military and veteran families — either directly or through partnerships with other community organizations — in one of ten areas of critical military and veteran family needs.  Foundation grant funds shall only be used to provide direct services to local military and veteran families in one of the following areas of critical needs: 

  • Housing

  • Food assistance

  • Employment

  • Health (including behavioral health)

  • Family support

  • Community reintegration

  • Financial assistance

  • Legal assistance

  • Transportation

  • Emergency relief

The Lincoln Land Chapter of MOAA has been generous in their organizational and monetary support of several events and activities for SOS Survivors. We look forward to continuing the partnership with Survivor Outreach Services, as it proves beneficial to MOAA-specific Survivors of all Armed Services branches and components.

In addition to events and activities, such as participation in the Annual Golf Outing, and partnership events such as Gold Star Mission’s Annual Gold Star 500 Closing Ceremony each year, Survivor Outreach Services also assists Survivors in finding resources for unmet needs.

Partnership for management and execution of the Grant have been established with several organizations :

  • MOAA Foundation-Community Outreach Grant (COG)

  • Gold Star Mission (Bike Riders)

  • Illinois GOld Star Family Members (All Branches and Components)

  • Staab Family-Veterans Memorial Foundation (Gold Star supporters)

  • Chris Hansley-Woody Williams Foundation-Gold Star Memorial (Oak Ridge)

  • SOS Office-Michelle Rutherford - Gold Star Program Manager for ILNG

  • Wreaths across America-Camp Butler/SOS Office

  • Lincoln Land MOAA Chapter Spouses

  • Lincoln Land MOAA Chapter Webmaster and Photographer

  • Lincoln Land MOAA Chapter Chaplain

2023 COG Activities

2023 Community Outreach Grant Program


Lincoln Land Awarded $1,500

Final report to the Foundation was submitted in April 2024


Funds were dispursed in coordination with Lincoln Land Chapter - MOAA and Survivor Outreach Services (Michelle Rutherford)

Our impact and goal for this year was to provide benefits to Survivors
with funding for unmet needs:

  • Aid in paying utility bills

  • Aid in fuel purchase for vehicle transportation

  • Aid for food purchases







2024 COG Award

2024 Community Outreach Grant Program

Grant Application Submitted  February 2024


Lincoln Land Chapter has recently been awarded $1,000 for the 2024 Grant Cycle


Funds disbursement will be May 2024

Details and plans for program fund use will be announced soon.

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