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(JANUARY 2024)


Happy New Year!  The president signed the NDAA and it had several “wins” for MOAA initiatives. (See those summaries in MOAA emails and the monthly magazine.) 


That said, the Congress is approaching yet another funding deadline.  Our legislators need to be reminded that a government shut down or even a Continuing Resolution is not the answer.  Both end up with unintended consequences and additional costs.  This would be a good time to access MOAA’s “Legislative Action Center” under the Advocacy link on the MOAA website to send emails to your representative and both senators (See Editor's Note Below)


Similarly, hopefully when the Illinois legislature meets this month, they will take up Senate Bill 2315 that has a provision rectifying an earlier impact to veteran home owner property taxation. 


Be watching for a “call to action” to submit witness slips in support of this legislation.  So, as veterans continuing to care for our troops, we need to be voices for veterans as we inform those responsible for legislative actions.


As this election year unfolds, let’s be mindful of the candidates support for America’s service members, active, retired, reserve, or just plain veteran. 


Semper Fi – Bob Tyler , COL, USMC (Ret)


MOAA's Legislative Action Center has surpassed expectations since its initial launch at the in 2022, allowing members to send tens of thousands of letters, make phone calls, share personal experiences on military- and veteran-related issues, and much much  more.

Click Here to Enter the site and become involved with the efforts

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