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January 2023
(By Lt Col Jim Forman)

East Central Illinois MOAA Chapter (Now a part of Lincoln Land MOAA Chapter) had a long history of supporting the JROTC/ROTC program. There had been various Chapter awards, scholarship endowments to Senior class JROTC cadets, and the MOAA medal to Junior class cadets for both JROTC and ROTC.

East Central was responsible for three Army JROTC high school units: Mattoon, Olney, and Danville. There are four ROTC units: Eastern Illinois (Army) and the University of Illinois (Army, Navy, and Air Force).

Seven MOAA medals were provided to the Junior class cadets in each detachment. In addition, each cadet received  $25. In the past, a luncheon was held to honor each of the cadets.  However, due to the pandemic, money was substituted in place of the luncheon.

Each JROTC cadet (a senior going to a college or university selected by the detachment commander), received a $300 scholarship. Although the scholarship recipient attended the luncheon, we did not give them an additional $25.

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