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Lincoln Land Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (“MOAA”) announces its Scholarship Program for the Academic Year which begins in the Fall of each year. The Scholarship Program for each Academic Year shall be made solely based on an Applicant’s submission in response to this announcement. No other criteria will be considered. 

Eligibility Requirements:


  • An Applicant to this Scholarship Program for an Academic Year can be a Member or the: spouse; natural, adopted or foster child; stepchild; grandchild; great grandchild or parent of any Member of the Lincoln Land Chapter MOAA. A Member of Lincoln Chapter MOAA is a person who meets the membership requirements specified in Article IV of the Lincoln Land Chapter MOAA Bylaws and who is considered “in good standing” (current in payment of Chapter dues).

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age on or before September 1st of the given year.

  • Applicant must be enrolled in, or accepted for enrollment into an institution of higher education for the Fall semester (or equivalent) for a minimum of nine semester hours or equivalency. An institution of higher education may be a program, junior college, college, university, technical or trade school, which awards a degree, diploma or certification upon completion of its curriculum. Providing the institution meets the foregoing requirement, the Scholarship Award shall be made without regard to Awardee’s academic level. As example, an Awardee may be a Ph.D. candidate, a graduate or undergraduate student, a junior college student, or a student at a trade school. For at least six of the nine qualifying semester hours (or equivalent) Applicant must be scheduled to attend courses in a resident, as differing from on-line (Internet) course enrollment status.

  • An Awardee may not be considered for another Scholarship Award for five years after receiving the scholarship..

Lincoln Land Chapter Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Program
Academic Year- Fall 2022

Application Process is now CLOSED

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