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Photos from  Lincoln Land Chapter Dinner Meeting on June 9, 2023
The Beach House, Decatur, Illinois

Host: Major (USMC, Ret) Dave Falk

Program Speakers:  

Dr Robert Butts - VA Medical Director - Decatur and Matoon

Rikki Parker - Director, Illinois Children's Museum - Decatur


Our Venue - The Beach House - Decatur, IL

Everyone enjoyed the great buffet meal prepared and Served by  the Beach House Staff


(LEFT)  One of our speakers was Dr Robert Butts

He is Medical Director for the VA in Decatur and Mattoon.

He discussed several aspects of the VA to include the three divisions of the VA, Mission of the Medical System (ILIANA) to include services that are available at several of the VA facilities in the Central Illinois area.

(RIGHT) Our other speaker for the evening was Rikki Parker, who is the Director of the Illinois Children's Museum in Decatur.  She discussed some of the background, history, and evolution associated with the museum, as well as some of the programs and displays presented at the museum


Additionally, Lt Col Hugh Shown (USA, Ret) reported to the gathering his role and the role of the Lincoln Land Chapter and MOAA with ROTC and JROTC in the Chapter area.  Lt Col Shone presented MOAA and ROA Awards to several Cadets at the Universit of Illinois ROTC Awards Program on April 27, 2023.

The members and attendees enjoy a wonderful evening of fellowship and listening tor our guest speaker.

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