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Lincolnland Chapter Slate of Officers CY2022-23

The Follow Officers Have Been Nominated

 and were approved on October 1, 2021 for leadership for CY 2022-2023

* President, BOD:  David, Miller, LTC, USA (Ret)

217-529-8014 (Home)    217-415-2837 (Cell)

* 1st Vice President, Webmaster, Dinner/Contracts, BOD:  David Knieriem, Maj, USAF (Ret)

217-899-5526 (Cell)

* 2nd Vice President, Programs, Personal Affairs, BOD:  Nathan Clemmer, LtCol, USAF (Ret)

618-791-8142 (Cell)

*  Treasurer, BOD:  Eugene (Gene) Bian, Col, USAF (Ret)

217-971-2537 (Cell)

* Secretary, Communications and Publicity, BOD:  Maj Kory Harms


Legislative Liaison:  Dr Robert Tyler, Col, USMC (Ret)


Membership Chair:  David Fault, Maj, USMC (Ret)


Immediate Past President:  Darrell L. Roll, Col, USA (Ret)

254-319-3251 (Cell)   217-632-0198 (Home)

Scholarships:  Dr Mark DePue, LtCol, USA (Ret)



Surviving Spouse Representative:  Cristine (Chris) Milchuck


Chapter Chaplain:  Justin Everson


*BOD = Board of Directors

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